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On 15 November I spoke at a Chatham House briefing on ¨The Geopolitics of Renewable Energy¨. You can listen to the entire briefing here.

Since 2013 I´ve been chair of the Seoul International Energy Advisory Council, appointed by Mayor Park Won-Soon to assist the Seoul Municipal Government with their visionary project entitled One Less Nuclear Power Plant. The initial objective of the project was to reduce the ´import' of fuel and electricity into Seoul by the equivalent of a 1GW nuclear plant. It hit its target six months ahead of time. It is now in phase two, which has just published a book-length commentary called Reframing Urban Energy Policy: Challenges and Opportunities in the City Seoul, a goldmine of practical policies and measures. I wrote the preface to the book, which I called ¨Urban Challenge, Urban Opportunity¨.

In 1988-9 I joined a team making a documentary series for Channel 4. I persuaded them that it should be called not 'Alternative Energy' but 'The Energy Alternative' - a new way to think about energy. My book The Energy Alternative: Changing The Way The World Works (Boxtree 1990) became the basis for the series. I have just reread it for the first time in over a decade. I initially wanted only to correct typos; but I was both delighted and dismayed to find that 27 years after it first appeared it is still all too relevant. For those who think we ought to change the way the world works, here for free download, now typo-free (I hope), is The Energy Alternative.

On 29 June 2017 at the Energy Risk conference in London I gave the closing keynote address, entitled ¨Playing With Fire: Will Your Business Model Go Up In Flames?¨ .

The June 2017 issue of Modern Power Systems includes my article asking ¨Are you ready for the microgrid revolution?¨.

My latest book, Electricity Vs Fire: The Fight For Our Future, is now free to download here as an ebook or a PDF. The paperback is also available from Amazon, just £5.00 in the UK or $7.50 in the US, plus shipping. If you enjoy Electricity Vs Fire do please spread the word about it, perhaps review it on Amazon or indeed elsewhere, and let your friends know about it - particularly friends who find 'energy' and 'climate' boring. ('Energy' appears only halfway through the book, briefly, 'climate' not at all.) Indeed I'd also be pleased to hear from you. This work is continuing, and I greatly appreciate your interest.

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